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Technical Assistance


The Newton´s support to the customer starts in the very first contact through the phone call which can solve and enlighten a lot of customer´s doubts and it is done even before we open a technical assistance case. Even if after this previous attendance it is still not possible finding a solution we will arrange a technical assistance on customer´s site in order to thoroughly run all the procedures and finally find out a solution to solve it in addition to it there is something else which is really important to be said, that is, our technical assistance covers the whole country.
Moreover the technical department makes solutions of retrofitting for assisting the hydraulic machine’s owners to meet NR-12 standards.

Technical Assistance / Technical Delivery: 

Office hours: from 6:30am to 16:20 pm

(19) 2114.7333 - (19) 2114.7370 - (19) 2114.7324 - (19) 2114.7391 
(19) 3404.7333 - (19) 3404.7370 - (19) 3404.7324 - (19) 3404.7391 

e-mail: assistencia@newton.com.br; gerencia.posvenda@newton.com.br