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Quality Control

Controle de Qualidade

We have a very strict quality control in which we can assure accuracy through measurements tools and tests in the whole process of manufacturing besides the fact we have state-of-art equipment in our production line which as we said enable us to assure the accuracy, flawless and reliability of our machines. We currently have more than a thousand measurement tools, all of which with its proper maintenance as well as with its calibration period always updated moreover we think it´s important to be said that we have it properly calibrated in a ISO 9000 laboratory. We also run maintenance procedures which are carried out by our own team under engineering supervision where all instruments, tools, measurements equipment are thoroughly checked and only after that it is allowed to be part of our production line for visual inspection, dimensional quality control, hardness inspection and for general geometry inspection.

The metrology staff monitors all the logistics and loading all of which very closely for assuring quality in all procedures till it be delivered on customer’s site.