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PDH 2512 - 25ton x 1250mm



When one takes an elevator or turn the air conditioner on or withdraws money from a cash machine or even when takes a trip on a ship possibly all the steel used in all of it was bent in a Newton Press Brake. The great accuracy and quality of Newton´s Presses transcend the country´s vast borders and reaches out to the the quality and the accurateness of products manufactured in the most important developed countries in the world.


Strong Monoblock welded Frame to ensure maximum rigidity.

Repeatability of the presser stop (better than 0.01 mm) controlled by the CNC;

(3) operating modes: manual cycle, semiautomatic and automatic;

Compact and simple hydraulic unit (including hydraulic oil);

Adjustable tool holders to fixing the punch;

Mobile command pedal with flexible cable;

Specialized technical assistance for the whole country and abroad

- Configuration´s possibility of several independent axes controlled by the CNC.

- Optional and accessories under consultation

- Top and bottom tools’ development (optional) by the engineering department according to each customer´s needs.


All of Newton´s Machines are produced in agreement with the current rules of safety (NR-12). Before closing a deal the customers should check with CIPA or your safety technician about any eventually changes required in the safety items used on their production process. After machine is ready any adaptation will be done on customer´s own expense.

Força máxima mm 25
Descrição Unid PDH 2512
Comprimento máximo da dobra mm 1250
Vão livre entre laterais mm 1250
Abertura do limitador traseiro mm 500
Cavas laterais (profundidade) mm 310
Curso do prensador mm 200
Velocidade de aproximação mm/s 100
Velocidade de trabalho mm/s 8
Velocidade de retorno mm/s 90
Potência do motor principal cv 3
Peso aproximado kg 3400
Dimensões (aproximado)
Altura mm 2500
Comprimento mm 1900
Largura mm 1500