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Magnitude we see from above.

Newton Emelino Masutti manufactured his first machine for the mechanical industry in 1950, certainly he never thought at that time that from a small work shop in the Central Limeira region, in São Paulo State, it would become one of the most well-established and reputable companies of the sector.

The first steps of what today is known as Newton Industry were taken in 1950, when its founder Newton Emelino Masutti devised products with high quality, assuring higher durability and efficiency. As the time went on his business started growing and the company has specialized in manufacturing Shearing Machines and Press Brakes.

The company´s growing is largely assigned to Newton Emelino Masutti who worked hard and still do, being responsible for pushing the business across Brazilian frontiers in 1962. Thanks to this visionary and audacious worker the Newton Industry exported a big part of its production to countries such as Canada, USA and several countries from South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.



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